Why Marriage?


Title: Why Marriage?: Introducing Marriage in the Pregnancy Center (PC) Coaching Room(60 minutes)


Presenter: Gary Freeman

Audience: PC and Client Services Directors, Church Practitioners that Work with PCs to Disciple Clients


Prerequisites for attendance: None


Description: As we all know, marriage is a sensitive subject in our culture, but it plays a huge part in the pro-abundant life aspect of abortion decisions, as well as in caring for children. This webinar will focus on would how and why we should introduce marriage to PC clients. Additionally, it will introduce effective ways to offer options so that clients properly view marriage as a Godly institution that promotes compassion, hope, and help for men, women, and children.


Three objectives:

  1. Learn why we should introduce marriage to our clients.
  2. Learn how to properly converse about marriage in the coaching room.
  3. Learn the best resources to use for moving client couples from inspiration to implementation in this area
November 17, 2020 at 3:00pm - 4pm
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