The Four Pillars of Effective Pregnancy Center Ministry to Men


How Do We Save the World When We Can’t Leave Our Homes?

In the midst of or attempting to get on the other side of a global pandemic, all followers of Jesus Christ are asking this question. Indeed, the Church is under marching orders to make disciples, but how?

Given that “success is when preparation meets opportunity,” now is definitely a time the prepare. This webinar is designed to help you prepare for local engagement.

Title: The Four Pillars of Effective Pregnancy Center Ministry to Men

Presenter: Gary Freeman with Gary Springer

Description: What does it look like to truly serve the men and fathers that come through the doors of your center? What tactics can be used to increase male engagement? Whether its crafting intake forms or “in the room” counseling strategies that are male-specific, what is most effective? For example, how do you approach the apathetic man? This workshop will address these questions and walk you through four strategic pillars that will solidify your center’s ability to serve men effectively. 

Three objectives:

  1. Engage the local church and community in understanding the importance of serving men in the pregnancy center, and continuing long-term discipleship after the pregnancy center.
  2. Learn best practices in male volunteer recruitment and training.
  3. Learn specifics about how to serve men in the counseling room.

Audience: Church and Pregnancy Center Leaders Working with Men and Fathers


June 16, 2020 at 3pm - 4pm
Karla Dillon Kathy Ham Richard Starck Peg Shonebarger Amy Lawson Jane Rogers Heidi VanVoorhis Craig Shore Jeremiah Dalton Greg Monrad Gina Hartmann Kimberly Redfield Dan Rosecrans Charlis Sullivan Rebecca Klein Robin Kell Amy Leimer Renee Clark Daniel Samms Joel Kees Kris Westlund Dave Greene Chris Miller Charles Rickey Hayden McNealy Jonathan Hoover Peg Shonebarger

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