Making Life Disciples 2.0 Course

Caring for the Abortion Vulnerable Since 1975

Here are all twelve sessions of Making Life Disciples 2.0. Refer to the course guide for discussion questions and individual/group activities for each session. As part of your course purchase, we are giving you free access to these videos and permission to utilize video conferencing software as needed to share these with remote members of your group.

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Course Videos

Session 3

Start this week’s lesson with a time of prayer then read Session Three “Gear Up” section in the course guide. The fact that you’re on this twelve-week journey with us shows you understand that the topic of abortion calls for special training. However, as we cover important topics like permission-based care, we also want to help you overcome any paralyzing concerns about your qualifications. Compassion and dedication will be most important, and if you ever feel overwhelmed, remember that if God has called you to this ministry, He will equip you!

Session 4

Start this week’s lesson with a time of prayer then read Session Four “Gear Up” section in the course guide. Abortion intervention ministry is Gospel ministry. The Good News of Jesus Christ has the power to transform lives and choices, including pregnancy decisions. Even when serving those within your own church, your commitment to share the Gospel will ensure that you are as effective as possible when ministering to people in need.

Session 5

Start this week’s lesson with a time of prayer then read Session Five “Gear Up” section in the course guide. This session will give you a window into the world of people facing pregnancy decisions. You’ll learn about the emotions of fear, confusion, worthlessness, anger, guilt, and joy, as well as the pressures that can come from people, circumstances, and culture. You’ll see the unique perspectives of expectant mothers and fathers, and what they have in common, all of which will better equip you to serve them as individuals and as a couple.

Session 6

Start this week’s lesson with a time of prayer then read Session Six “Gear Up” section in the course guide. Your ability to listen well as a Life Disciple is essential. This session will help you live out the four traits we covered in Session 3 – Authenticity, Acceptance, Humility, and Empathy – through verbal and nonverbal communication. You’ll learn about active and interpretative listening and how to ask good questions.

How Can Churches Work Together with Pregnancy Centers?

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This interview shows how MLD builds better bridges between centers and churches.

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This shows the greater vision that surrounds MLD.

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