Sanctity of Human Life Kit 2023

In the wake of Roe v. Wade, many folks are asking, “What’s next?” Well, the truth is, although we don’t know how all this will play out in individual states, we know three things:

    • Although righteous laws can contribute to a culture of life, they can’t change hearts.
    • Life decisions, no matter what the laws are, are always going to need life support.
    • There are still women and men dealing with emotional scars from past abortions.

With these realities in mind, this year’s Sanctity of Human Life Kit is specially designed with resources to equip your church (or the churches you partner with) to be a central point of compassion in your community. 

For Pastors:

  • Why Women Have Abortions: In this four-minute clip, Pastor Tim Hawks shares research related to why women and men have abortions.
  • Equal Rights Institute’s (ERI) Pastor Pledge: Here noted scholar and cultural influencer Josh Brahm of ERI seeks to come alongside pastors as they pledge to be an advocate for families who are facing unplanned pregnancies. Pastors and congregants pledge to treat women who become pregnant with grace and compassion instead of shame and rejection.
  • Talk and Pick Card: This is a simple piece for pastors on how to lead with love in a post-Roe world.

Pregnancy Center ministry:

  • Care Net is Pro Abundant Life: This video was shown at the beginning of the Lifemark movie. Pregnancy centers are encouraged to include local information on their center in conjunction with the use of this video.

Post-abortive ministry:

Men’s and fatherhood ministry: 

  • “Why All Men Should Be Against Abortion” by Alex Hettinga, Sr. Manager of Fatherhood and Family Programming. Many men feel they should stay out of the abortion debate. Leave it to women. Yet their voice matters and is wanted for many reasons.
  • Men’s Summit: Join us on March 3-4, 2023. This Summit will inspire and equip men to turn their pro-life passion into Pro Abundant Life action. Filled with inspiring keynotes and practical applications, this event will show men that they, like Joseph the father of Jesus, are Called and Missioned to save the unborn, build families, and serve others.

Music Videos:


  • Care Net has created these Canva templates for your ministry to use. Just drop your own logo in and download from Canva. You can access these templates on Canva here. (Note: if you do not already have a Canva account, you will need to make one to access or edit these designs).

Other great resource:

    • Pro-Life Doc– The primary purpose of Pro-Life Doctor is to educate the public of the value of human life within the womb.