Session 4: Roadmap - Understanding this Mission Field

Session 4: Roadmap - Understanding this Mission Field

Abortion ministry is Gospel ministry. The Good News of Jesus Christ has the power to transform lives, including pregnancy decisions. Even when serving those within your own church, your commitment to share the Gospel will ensure that you are as effective as possible when ministering to people in need.

Starting with this perspective, today’s video will cover some of the factors that cause a person to view abortion as the solution when they’re in crisis. You’ll also be introduced to the ABC’s of crisis intervention, including how:

  • Achieve a connection with the other person,
  • Break down the problem, and 
  • Commit to a plan of action.

Resources for learning to share the Gospel with others:

  • ACT Personal Evangelism Training and Save the Mother Save Her Child from Evantell:

There are many ways to present the gospel, here is one you might learn and use - the 3-Circles Gospel:

Dr. Kathy Koch explains the five core needs that God has designed in each of us. Understanding them helps us understand how God brings authentic hope and help to those in need. Listen to her presentation on Focus on the Family:

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