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Take these Making Life Disciples next steps.


Getting started

Thank you for signing up to bring Making Life Disciples to your church. Here are the first four things you should do to get started. 


Step 1 - Watch this video to learn what Making Life Disciples is all about.

Step 2
- Watch this video to learn about Care Net's Pro Abundant Life vision. 

Step 3 - Learn the first steps towards approaching your church about Making Life Disciples. 

Step 4 - Talk to your regional coordinator. Don't worry - he or she will contact you soon. Your regional coordinator will provide the help you need to continue on this path. 


Other helpful links (while you wait for your regional coordinator contact you): 

- What is Making Life Disciples? - Detailed information on the ministry resource

- Free, online course - Want to experience Making Life Disciples for yourself? Take Session One via our free, online course, Pro-Life 101