The Essential Role Of Center Directors in Implementing Making Life Disciples


How Do We Save the World When We Can’t Leave Our Homes?

In the midst of or attempting to get on the other side of a global pandemic, all followers of Jesus Christ are asking this question. Indeed, the Church is under marching orders to make disciples, but how?

Given that “success is when preparation meets opportunity,” now is definitely a time the prepare. This webinar is designed to help you prepare for local engagement.

Title: The Essential Role Of Center Directors in Implementing Making Life Disciples

Watch Video Recording of Webinar Here

Presenter: Dr. Greg Austen with Gary Springer

Description: The webinar is based on “The Marcia Model” and is for directors of pregnancy centers. Learn why your role is essential to building better bridges between center clients and local churches. This training will give you everything you need to think through hosting an inspirational and successful event for pastors—one that will lead to better connections between your clients and long-term discipleship in local churches.

Audience: Pregnancy Center Directors

Prerequisites for attendance: Watching the Marica Marron interview from the Care Net Annual Conference 2019

[Video can be found on this page in the Getting the Big Picture section:]

Three objectives:

  1. Learn the five elements of an effective connection between center clients and local church discipleship.
  2. Get sample communications for your pastor’s event (invitation, follow-up email, etc.).  
  3. Learn field-tested tips for vetting and meeting with a team of MLD graduates.

Watch Video Recording of Webinar Here

August 18, 2020 at 3:00pm - 4pm
Wendy Kremnitzer Heather McBride Heather Cunard Donalee Loback Penni Hill Deedra Miller Bonnie Martinelli Allison Ball Mary Mesikapp Niki Mattson Alice Ferrell Tami Howell Stacy Rogers Meagyn Gibas Valerie Mayer Laura Denk Kailee McKnight Kim Eason Jayme Paul Linda Rubey Ruth Brigantti Becki Arvin Kayla Seufert AmyJo Pleune Kevin Pierce Ramona Davis Julie Goodwin Vicki Snider Mark Opseth Tammy Burrow Wende Swick Alia Ososkalo Missy Hibbard Alicia Davis Susan Edgar Andrea Serianni Angela Kramer Kellie Ljungholm Bethany Hager Lindsay Anderson Lindsay Anderson Ann Hunsinger Roxanne Meeks Connie Weiskopf Peg Shonebarger Jane Rogers Kimberly Redfield Kristin Hallal

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