Implementing Making Life Disciples


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This Webinar was Held: July 21st 3:00 PM (EST)


The recording of the webinar is free and now available CLICK HERE TO VIEW

How Do We Save the World When We Can’t Leave Our Homes?

In the midst of or attempting to get on the other side of a global pandemic, all followers of Jesus Christ are asking this question. Indeed, the Church is under marching orders to make disciples, but how?

Given that “success is when preparation meets opportunity,” now is definitely a time the prepare. This webinar is designed to help you prepare for local engagement.

Title: Implementing Making Life Disciples

Presenters: Dr. Greg Austen with Gary Springer

Description: It’s one thing to run a program. It is another thing to implement the vision of that program. This webinar will help you understand what MLD is and is not, as well as what it’s designed to do. Finally, it will give you the next steps and a focused plan to get started after you finish the course.


  1. Learn the most effective ways to care for the abortion-vulnerable in the church, as well as how to build more effective bridges from centers to local church discipleship.
  2. Learn the various formats MLD is available in and which one is best for you.
  3. Get the “big picture” vision of MLD, as well as a plan of “what to do after you’ve gone through” the program.

Audience: Church and Pregnancy Center Leaders

The recording of the webinar is free and now available CLICK HERE TO VIEW

July 21, 2020 at 3:00pm - 4pm
Coach Carla Joy Thompson Jim Barros Carol Hendricks Cecile Bamer Amanda Stevens Elizabeth Drouillard Antoinette (Toni) Weisz Carol Brooks sara Hequembourg Gina Mckasson Patricia Cole Carlene Morrow April Young Dana Clah Faith Anderson Joy Gove Myriam Yao Dale Peterson Chris Beam Lindsay Anderson Jeanette Mossman Gary Springer Ellen Dudney Amy S Connie Weiskopf Ashley Mills Debbie Fukuda Kathy Ham Peg Shonebarger Craig Shore Kimberly Redfield Kristin Hallal Charlis Sullivan Tollie Rogers Nancy Tator Marcia Hudson Robin Kell Amy Leimer Renee Clark Gail Welsh Sandy Traver Linda Brown Jenna Loss Sandi Nelson Kris Westlund Charles Rickey Sue Marie Wilhelm Hayden McNealy

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