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Now is the time for action. For too long, the Church has remained silent on abortion. Some churches avoid it because it is a “political issue.” Others avoid it because they are not equipped to minister to the people in their congregation who need help with unplanned pregnancies.

But now, those reasons no longer apply, thanks to Making Life Disciples. It is the first program that allows churches to move the abortion issue out of politics and focus instead on ministry and discipleship to “orphans and widows” -- the very reason the church exists (James 1:27-28).

Designed and informed by Care Net’s 40+ years of pregnancy center ministry experience, Making Life Disciples is a state-of-the-art, one-of-a-kind curriculum delivered by the foremost experts in the pro-life movement.

Making Life Disciples will empower you and your church to turn your pro-life passion into real action for the first time.... Join us in transforming your church’s response to the abortion crisis in America.

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