Goals Purpose Strategy

Goals Purpose Strategy

You can transform your church’s response to the abortion crisis. By signing up on this site, you will be equipped to bring Making Life Disciples -- the first curriculum to train the church on how to minister to women and men facing pregnancy decisions -- to your church.

Far too many Christians are having abortions. Four in ten women who have had abortions were attending church at least once per month at the time of their abortions. If there are 1 million abortions per year, 400,000 are among churchgoing women. If the average abortion costs $500, churchgoing people are funding the abortion industry to the tune of $200 million every year. We can “defund Planned Parenthood” by simply ending abortion in the church.

But to remove this “log in our eye” we need the right tool. Making Life Disciples is the first resource that takes abortion out of the political arena for churches and allows them to focus on ministry and discipleship, the very reasons churches exist.

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