Today is the Day to Turn Your Pro-Life Passion Into Action

You can transform your church’s response to the abortion crisis. By signing up on this site, you will be equipped to bring Making Life Disciples -- the first curriculum to train the church on how to minister to women and men facing pregnancy decisions -- to your church.

Far too many Christians are having abortions. Four in ten women who have had abortions were attending church at least once per month at the time of their abortions. If there are 1 million abortions per year, 400,000 are among churchgoing women. If the average abortion costs $500, churchgoing people are funding the abortion industry to the tune of $200 million every year. We can “defund Planned Parenthood” by simply ending abortion in the church.

But to remove this “log in our eye” we need the right tool. Making Life Disciples is the first resource that takes abortion out of the political arena for churches and allows them to focus on ministry and discipleship, the very reasons churches exist.

The purpose of Making Life Disciples is to transform your church’s response to abortion. Since Roe v Wade passed in 1973, there have been approximately 1 million abortions per year in the United States. In order for this number to change, the Church must step up and step in, offering love and compassion to those facing unplanned, unexpected, or unexpectedly complicated pregnancies. Unfortunately, politics and a lack of knowledge around ministering to women and men in these situations has provided churches with an “excuse” to not get involved.

But Making Life Disciples does not require your church to attend a march, tell folks how to vote, or talk to members of Congress. It simply trains your church on how to approach unplanned pregnancies with the same lens your church uses to approach hunger, grief, poverty, and addiction -- a discipleship lens. When you tell your church that you have people in your congregation who need to become disciples of Jesus Christ, no church can say “no.”

Our goal is to have Making Life Disciples ministries in 1,000 churches by the year 2020. But we can only achieve this goal with people like you, who are ready to transform your church’s response to the abortion crisis from one of silence to action. From “it’s a political issue” to “we are here to make disciples of Jesus Christ among those facing pregnancy decisions.”

There are women and men sitting in your church’s pews on Sunday and then in the abortion clinic on Monday because they don’t know where to turn for help within the walls of your church. Making Life Disciples will create a ministry in your church so that when she has a positive pregnancy test on Saturday night, she will know exactly who to turn to when she goes to your church on Sunday morning. Sign up today, and we will equip you with everything you need to get started in bringing Making Life Disciples to your church.

Working together with people like you, we will establish Making Life Disciples ministries in 1,000 churches by the year 2020. When you sign up through this site, we will give you everything you need to work with your church (pastors, lay leaders, ministry leaders, etc) to establish a Making Life Disciples ministry. 

Then, using the resources on this site, you will be able to connect with other local churches, Care Net pregnancy centers, and other Making Life Disciples ministries to exponentially increase the impact of your efforts.

What People are Saying

John Muhlfeld, Senior Pastor, Covenant Presbyterian Church (PCA), Harleysville, PA  

"One of the most attractive features of the Making Life Disciples curriculum is that it supports not only life, but abundant life. By promoting the things that help children truly thrive-the Gospel, marriage, fatherhood, and family- it advances a holistic support system that is robust and sustainable.  It bears the very fragrance of Christ, who not only imparts life but welcomes us into His family."

Amy Scherschligt , Life Team Leader, Fair Oaks Presbyterian Church (EPC) in (Sacramento, CA)

“I just finished leading nine other women at my church through the Making Life Disciples curriculum.  It is clear and comprehensive with beautiful materials and videos.  What an excellent resource to bring hope and healing and the Gospel to people in our own church and beyond! I had never facilitated a group through any training before but Care-Net laid it all out for me.  It was easy to prepare for each session. We learned skills that we can use in our everyday life as well as with women and men in a pregnancy decision. We feel empowered to truly be a resource for our church. What a beautiful way to fulfill our role as servant-leaders for Christ's church.”

Dr. Alex Early, Preaching & Theology Pastor, Redemption Church, (Seattle, WA) & Author of The Reckless Love of God

"Human beings are uniquely endowed with the image of God. This means that every life, for all of life is to be honored, cherished, and loved. Today, with the abortion rate still staggeringly high, the Church stands in a place designed by God, ready and able to apply the good news of the gospel to every unplanned pregnancy.  Making Life Disciples is a resource that equips the Church to be effective ambassadors of Christ to those who desperately need to experience the grace of God.”

Thabiti Anyabwile, Pastor of Anacostia River Church in Washington, DC and a council member of The Gospel Coalition.

“I have never heard a more compelling vision for a Pro-Abundant Life approach to children than the one featured in Making Life Disciples. Finally there is an effort that avoids the old pro-choice and anti-abortion rhetoric to give Christians an approach that emphasizes all the things we care about: women and mothers, children, fathers, marriage, the local church, and Christian discipleship. I pray this material changes the way we think about life and leads us to commit ourselves to an expansion vision for both protecting and nurturing it.”

Jamaal Williams, Lead Pastor,  Sojourn Community Church Midtown, Louisville, KY

"Making Life Disciples is a tremendous discipleship tool for churches hoping to equip their people to reach and care for those considering, or who have gone through, abortion.  One of the great values of this curriculum — especially for those serving in an urban context — is its focus on loving and caring for those facing abortion and its effect.  Law change through politics is good, but heart change through the Gospel is better; I’m thankful to have a resource that embodies this reality.”  

Kent Hughes, Distinguished Chair of Practical Theology, Westminster Theological Seminary in Glenside, PA

"What I like most about Making Life Disciples is that it equips the church to take an active but loving role in addressing what is arguably the greatest moral atrocity of our time. Instead of hiding a perceived 'crises' with an abortion, men and women facing an unplanned pregnancy are compelled by grace and loving support to choose life and come into the light. Further, the 'crises' becomes an on-ramp and opportunity for the gospel and discipleship." 

Bring Making Life Disciples To Your Community

Bring Making Life Disciples To Your Community

Your role is essential in saving the unborn from abortion and connecting lost women and men facing unplanned pregnancies with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Become part of the movement to equip 1,000 churches by 2020 to offer compassion, hope, and help to women and men facing pregnancy decisions.

Once you sign up using the form to the right, one of our Regional Coordinators will contact you to begin providing encouragement, coaching, and technical assistance to guide you down a path to implementing the Making Life Disciples program in your church.