Title: How to Use the Enhanced & Newly Revised Before She Decides Brochure (60 minutes)

Presenter: Gary Freeman

Audience: ED’s, Client Services Director’s, Pregnancy Center Volunteers 

Prerequisites for attendance: None

Description: Your center wants to find better ways to serve the men and fathers in your community, but finding the best resources to do this important work can be challenging. That is why we are launching an enhanced and newly revised Before She Decides (BSD) brochure. While over 55,000 copies of BSD have been given to male clients by you and your colleagues in pregnancy centers since 2015, we wanted to make this resource even better for you and the men you serve. As a result, this webinar will train you on how to best use it with your male clients in the coaching room. The newly revised ministry tool is designed for greater impact and will empower the men you serve to make life decisions, increasing their confidence and knowledge in what’s happening to her and what’s about to come.  Join us as we walk through this greatly enhanced resource so that you can apply these new learnings at your center.

Three objectives:

  1. You will learn why the newly revised Before She Decides is essential for your volunteers and clients.
  2. You will learn how to properly walk through each page of the resource with a client. 
  3. You will gain a fresh perspective that will greatly enhance the effectiveness of a volunteer's time in the coaching room with a male client.
March 30, 2021 at 3pm - 4pm
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