Amy Scherschligt, Fair Oaks Presbyterian Church, Sacramento, CA

Amy Scherschligt, Fair Oaks Presbyterian Church, Sacramento, CA

"Making Life Disciples is how we are specializing in acts of love and service to women and men in unsupported pregnancies."

Amy Scherschligt, Fair Oaks Presbyterian Church (EPC) in Sacramento, CA

Amy has always had a huge maternal heart and was against practices that dehumanize people, but prior to  2007, she was like many churchgoers: largely unaware and uninvolved with the pro-life movement.  That changed when she read How Now Shall We Live? by the late Chuck Colson.  She still remembers how the following words, describing Dr. Bernard Nathanson’s use of ultrasound technology to witness abortion, leapt out at her[1]:

“Nathanson knew quite well what happened in an abortion. Yet when he saw abstract concepts transformed into vivid images—when he actually witnessed tiny bodies being ripped limb from limb—he was startled and revolted.  Even more sickening, the ultrasound showed babies desperately trying to wriggle away from the suction apparatus.  One twelve-week fetus continued to struggle even after it had been severely maimed, opening his mouth in what looked like a scream of fear and pain.”[2]

This new knowledge led her to action and to join—at first always wearing dark sunglasses—with Catholics praying on the sidewalk near abortion clinics.  But she wondered, “Where are my Protestant brothers and sisters?”

As she prayed, she got more convicted. In 2010, Amy and some others at Fair Oaks Church began to meet to discuss worldview issues. Over time, friendships deepened and they changed their name to “Champions of Life.” They also narrowed their mission to the spectrum of life issues, from conception to natural death. With help and growing more and more confident and unified, they developed a clear mission, including how that fit into their church’s overall mission.


Things looked great on paper and the church was already pro-life, but how could they equip their church to act on that position?

In 2016, they found their answer in Making Life Disciples! Amy said, “We completed the training last fall and are busy implementing it now. It's how we are specializing in acts of love and service to women and men in unsupported pregnancies…We are taking a missionary mindset; we are not counselors. We just don't want anyone to be alone in a difficult pregnancy decision." 

Also, Amy recently told Presbyterians Pro-life that, “she sees this as an opportunity for the church to build stronger bridges with the local pregnancy centers as the Team shares in the ministry to abortion-vulnerable women. The team will help connect them to community resources as well as ‘love them into the church family.’ Thanks to Care Net's new resource, our Team has an opportunity to evangelize and disciple women and men. We hope to enfold them into our church family."[3]

“Making Life Disciples…is an excellent resource to bring hope and healing and the Gospel to people in our own church and beyond! I had never facilitated a group through any training before but Care Net laid it all out for me.  It was easy to prepare for each session. We learned skills that we can use in our everyday life as well as with women and men in a pregnancy decision. We feel empowered to truly be a resource for our church. What a beautiful way to fulfill our role as servant-leaders for Christ's church.”



 [1] His taping of the procedure led to the film The Silent Scream.

[2] Charles Colson, How Now Shall We Live? (Carol Stream, IL: Tyndale, 1999), Chapter 22.