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Title: 7 Things Paul Teaches Us About Specialized Gospel Ministry in Anxious Times (60 minutes)

Make no mistake, we’re living in chronically anxious times. Additionally, on this side of the pandemic, normal is dead and normalized is emerging. Indeed, patterns related to how we connect are changing permanently. Amidst all of this, many have seen their progress implementing a specialized ministry like Making Life Disciples (MLD) come to a screeching halt. What can the apostle Paul teach us about doing life-affirming ministry in uncertain times? How can his wisdom help ensure our MLD efforts stay gospel-centered, effective, and nonpolitical? Come join us as we unpack and flesh-out seven timeless principles with practical strategies from Acts 17:16-34.

Presenters: Dr. Greg Austen with Gary Springer

Audience: Pregnancy Center & Church Practitioners, Existing MLD Leaders and Those Who Would Like to Lead It

Prerequisites for attendance: None 

Three objectives:

  1. Learn the # 1 thing that is needed in this season. 
  2. Learn seven key biblical principles that apply directly to MLD ministry during our global pandemic and politically charged times.
  3. Get a national perspective on the top, practical ways to stay focused, encouraged, and keep your passion for pro-abundant life hot.

Watch the Recording of this live webinar HERE

February 23, 2021 at 3:00pm - 4pm