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Introducing Making Life Disciples 2.0!

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We've learned a lot over the last five years. We've listened to feedback from churches and pregnancy center ministries and made some major improvements. Here are the biggest changes -- MLD 2.0:

  • Is much easier to use and has a way better interface with local church culture and time constraints.
    • Version 1.0 was (6-8) 2-3-hour sessions; 2.0 is (12) 1-hour sessions.
    • The first version had a separate leaders and participants guide. In 2.0 there is a combined Handbook/Guide that includes discussion questions for each lesson.
    • The video content will all be streamable now rather than on DVDs. (The video content is mostly unchanged from the earlier version, but the first and last sessions have some big updates, and we updated and changed out the videos explaining abortion procedures with different doctors.)
  • Prepares individuals with the right spirit/heart/disposition to approach and work with Pregnancy Centers and other pro-life ministries.
    • Here’s one endorsement I recently got on this: "I just reviewed the MLD 2.0 document and I must say, this is AWESOME! I absolutely LOVE the more relational approach, particularly as it draws the participant into greater reliance on God and intimacy with Jesus. That's the connection that will cultivate a heart of compassion and empathy in outreach." - Jennifer Gerelds, MLD Specialist, MLD Regional Coordinator, and Missionary for Love Life
  • Promotes experiential learning. In other words, every session gets individuals and teams on the road from inspiration to implementation even before the course is completed.
  • Makes clear what practical next steps are needed to ensure that the vision of MLD lives on long after the course is completed. In other words, the "Next Steps" document, which was the most important supplemental document to version 1.0, is now integrated into the back of the new Handbook/Guide.
  • Promotes our key life-affirming partners (Embrace Grace, ERI, etc.) and is designed to be a basic training for them.
  • Interfaces much better with what MLD can lead to (e.g. churches running post-abortive classes, Doctor Dad, etc.) even if there’s no pregnancy center in close geographic proximity.

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